Research Activities Activity

Data Analysis

Project members have exclusive access to the following data;

  • SSP-P2010 Preliminary Mail Survey
  • SSP-W2012 Web Survey
  • SSP-I2010 Personal Interview Survey
  • SSP-W2013 1st Web Survey
  • SSP2015 Computer Assisted Personal Interview Survey
  • SSP-W 2013 2nd Web Survey

Members regularly hold meetings, workshops or conferences to present, and to discuss the analysis of their data analyses.

  • Mass Middle Class
  • Bubble Economy

Generally Unequal Society---…

  • SSP-P2010Survey SSP-I2010Survey
  • SSP-W Survey Series Experiments and Formalization
  • 2015年 第1回SSP(階層と社会意識全国)調査